Thursday, April 14, 2011

Irish Water Spaniel Appearance

The Irish Water Spaniel Appearance

Irish Water Spaniels are a relatively large sized dog breed, especially when you compare Irish Water Spaniels to their other Spaniel relatives which are noticeably smaller. Unlike other Spaniels, the Irish Water Spaniel tends to look as though it resembles a Standard Poodle more so than it does a Spaniel or Gundog. It's even thought that a bit of Standard Poodle could have been bred in somewhere along the history and formation for the more modern Irish Water Spaniel. Although this dog breed may not necessarily look like a Spaniel from first glance, don't be mistaken. If you take a closer look at the Irish Water Spaniel's facial features, you'll quickly begin to realize that these dogs clearly have the signature Spaniel face and head.

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If there's any feature that stands out about the Irish Water Spaniel it's by far without a doubt their coats. Irish Water Spaniels have long, extremely dense and thick, beautiful auburn red to liver colored curly coats. The Irish Water Spaniel's fur somehow naturally manages to look as though it has a picture perfect perm. As you might expect since Irish Water Spaniels have long thick curly hair, their coats require hefty amounts of grooming about once a week. If you're not an experienced dog owner with grooming or do not have the time to respectably groom an Irish Water Spaniel, than I probably wouldn't recommend this dog breed for you. If you're new to dog grooming though, and you would really love to own an Irish Water Spaniel, you should definitely do your research on how to specially and specifically care for this dog's coat before adopting or purchasing an Irish Water Spaniel puppy.

These Gundogs or Sporting Dogs have well defined fine pointed noses and snouts. Irish Water Spaniels have somewhat small almond shaped eyes that usually come in striking bright golden yellows or different shades of browns. The Irish Water Spaniel dog breed has an elegant long neck that stand on tall bodies. In fact Irish Water Spaniels are so large that they’re the tallest of all Spaniels believe it or not. Irish Water Spaniels have naturally short tails that meet up to a slender body hidden under their luxurious coats. This dog breed's chest is deep, and their waist is thin. Irish Water Spaniels have very long ears as that are low set and face parallel from one another on both sides of their heads.

Irish Water Spaniels have average life expectancies of between 12 and a half to 14 and a half years of age. These Gundogs can live fir more or less though depending on their livelihood and general health. Irish Water Spaniels have withers measuring roughly 21 inches to 24 inches in height; dogs (males) are usually larger and taller than bitches (females). Healthy Irish Water Spaniels weigh from 46 to 64 lbs on average.

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