Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Irish Water Spaniel Temperament

Irish Water Spaniels have fun loving personalities and are relatively even tempered animals. Irish Water Spaniels are playful, intelligent dogs that make great family pets. Despite how intelligent these Gundogs are, the Irish Water Spaniel is a difficult dog breed to train. Irish Water Spaniels need owners with straight forward positive training tactics in order for them to acquire higher levels of obedience skills. It might not be an easy job to do, but it's definitely worth training your Irish Water Spaniel correctly starting at an early age. Although Irish Water Spaniels do not always excel in obedience training, like most Spaniels they are naturally easy to train as hunting dogs and retrievers.

The Irish Water Spaniel makes a good running and exercising companion for those who enjoy any hobbies pertaining to physical fitness. Irish Water Spaniels are not suitable for people who like to spend many hours sitting around and watching TV with little physical activity and who stay inside for long intervals of time. To no surprise since these Gundogs are both large and require considerably high amounts of exercise, they need lots of room and land to play and run around in. The Irish Water Spaniel is by no means considered to fit the city and the urban lifestyle. In order for this dog breed to stay both mentally healthy and physically healthy, Irish Water Spaniels require living in spacious suburbs and rural areas.

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